Oct 24, 2022

Making Ice Cubes With Silicone Ice Tray

I used to often make ice cubes with clear plastic tied with rubber or knotted through the plastic itself. Most of the people here do the same. Especially for people who sell and own stalls. Unfortunately, when I make ice cubes with clear plastic, sometimes there will be plastic left in the drinks I make. Of course, it's very annoying.

Indeed, there are some special places to make ice cubes. Especially a special place that is obtained from the default refrigerator. Unfortunately, the place is stiff, so it is very difficult to take the ice cubes.

In the past year, I got to know the Silicone Ice Tray. A special container for making ice cubes that is easy to use and easy when we need to take it. In addition, now Silicone Ice Trays have various shapes and sizes, so we can choose which Silicone Ice Tray is suitable for us.

Why Use Silicone Ice Tray To Make Ice Cubes at Home

1 | Make it easier to make ice cubes

Using the Silicone Ice Tray makes it easier for us to make ice cubes, because we just need to put boiled water into the container, then put it in the refrigerator. Wait a few hours, the ice cubes will be ready and ready to use. To use it, just press a little, the ice cubes will come off by themselves.

2 | Has Various Shapes

Another nice thing is that there are so many shapes of Silicone Ice Trays. There are round, honey bomb, oval, square, and rectangular shapes.

3 | Helping Home Cafe Actors Favorite Drink

Now, there are so many people who make home cafes, they like to make coffee or other drinks at home. Using a Silicone Ice Tray is very helpful to make your favorite drink at home. Besides being easy, using this container also gives an aesthetic impression to the drinks made.

4 | Flexible and Friendly Material

In addition to the uses above, the most important thing is that Silicone Ice Tray has BPA Free material so it is safe to use in the long term. In addition, the flexible material also provides its own pleasure effect for its users.

That's the reason why I use a Silicone Ice Tray to make ice cubes. You can also try it and buy it at the nearest silicone rubber manufacturers.

Anyone like to make ice cubes at home like me? May be useful.


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