Nov 2, 2023

3 SweatShirts Recommendations for Rainy Season

Now, in Indonesia we have a long dry season. I am curious when I can see rain again? I want the weather to be a little mild. Because, everyday I felt my body sweat. This condition makes my body smell. I can take a bath three times in one day. The sun is very bright. Even when I go to the laundry, I can take my clothes very soon. Yeah, I love that. But, this makes me feel lazy to go out. 

Sometimes, the people are weird. When dry season comes, we need to see rain come. And when rain comes everyday, we took a deep breath. It is a human habit, right? We never feel enough about what God gives to us.

Well, when we talk about dry season, I am sure you will think about the rainy season. I remember the last rainy season. I wrote novels all day with hot coffee on the side of my laptop. I feel happy when rain comes. Sure, not a rain storm. I love the drizzling with chill. When the rainy season comes, I can write a novel peacefully and ideas come like the rain outside. 

I really miss the season.

Although I don't know when the rainy season will come, I already have some options for what I will wear when the rainy season comes.

I will share with you through this article, about what I will wear when the rainy season comes. 

I will wear a sweatshirt!

Several days ago, I found a website that sells some pretty sweatshirts. So, I recommend some sweatshirts for the rainy season.

And this is for you …

3 SweatShirts Recommendations  for Rainy Season

I found this website who has wholesale sweatshirts with any models and materials. So, you have many options to buy it. But, I will recommend some sweatshirts model to you. So, you can narrow down the choices.

1 | Pink Solid Ribbed Knit Round Neck Pullover Sweatshirt

If you have a plan to stay at home when the rain comes, you can choose a pink solid ribbed knit round neck pullover sweatshirt. This solid pullover sweatshirt will set off a fashion trend you will fond of its round neck, long sleeves, and relaxed fit. The ribbed knitting keeps the sweatshirt from being too monotonous. It’s versatile style pairs effortlessly with jeans, denim shorts, or pants. Wholesale sweatshirts keep bringing you more new chic styles.

Besides that, you can wear these sweatshirts at home. Style is simple and chic. So, I can wear that when I’m at home writing some novels. 

2 | Beige Aztec Print Kangaroo Pocket Half-Zip Hoodie

Beige Aztec Print Kangaroo Pocket Half-Zip Hoodie

If you love motif sweatshirts, you can choose a beige aztec print kangaroo pocket half-zip hoodie. These are sweatshirts which have an Aztec pattern. The color is pretty, a combination of orange, brown and others, make that sweatshirt perfect to wear.

Stand out with the eye-catching Aztec pattern, adding a bold and stylish touch. The kangaroo pocket is perfect for keeping your hands or storing small essentials. Enjoy the versatility of a half zipper to suit your needs. Experience the relaxed and casual fit of the drop shoulder design. Wholesale hoodies strike the perfect balance between chic and casual.

3 | Rose Quilted Buttoned Neckline Stand Neck Pullover Sweatshirt

Rose Quilted Buttoned Neckline Stand Neck Pullover Sweatshirt

This is the last recommended sweatshirt to you. If you love strong color, you can choose a rose quilted buttoned neckline stand neck pullover sweatshirt. These have a bright color. I think you will have the perfect combination when rain comes and wear these sweatshirts. 

This casual sweatshirt is perfect for layering or wearing on their own. Elevate your style with the timeless appeal of a solid color. Experience cozy warmth with the quilted design. The stand neck design adds a touch of uniqueness to your outfit. Wholesale sweatshirts have delicate cuttings and attractive prices.

Well, I hope my article can help you to choose sweatshirts for the rainy season. Thank you!


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